The Book Of Exodus Chapter 4-11

The Book Of Exodus Chapter 4-11

(Continued from lesson 1)

The second thing we need to understand as the Lord's servants, is that nothing good dwells in our flesh.

Selfishness and corruption are found everywhere within our flesh. If you think that is not true, just put your hand inside your flesh and see! Ask God to give you light on the leprosy that dwells inside. If you don't learn this important lesson, you will go around condemning people, as though they had a flesh that was worse than yours. Nobody can commit a sin that we are incapable of. If we have not sinned in the same way, it is only because of God's mercy and because we never faced the same intensity of temptation. We are no better than any human being on the face of this earth, I want to tell you that you are totally unfit to be a servant of the Lord.

For the third sign the Lord asked Moses to pour out some water from the Nile and it would turn into blood (4:9).Tthe river Nile was the precious god of the Egyptians and blood is a picture of death.

So the spiritual meaning of this sign is that all the things of this earth that worldly people worship and run after, we must pour out to death. A servant of the Lord must be crucified to the world and the world must be crucified to him. The world is no longer like water to me (essential for life), but like blood that we are not even tempted to drink. We would rather be thirsty than drink blood. That's the way we need to see everything in this world.

These are the three essential qualifications for any servant of God. Now Moses agrees to go to Pharaoh. He is equipped with Divine authority and he goes forth as a man whom God himself has trained over a period of 80 years. Moses was the one man on the face of the earth at that time who was absolutely essential for God's purposes. Today God has many servants. So even if one man fails him, another can do the job. But at that time, God had only one man. But before that man could meet Pharaoh, he had to learn one more very important lesson.

We read in 4:24 that the Lord tried to kill Moses as Moses was going to Egypt. Now if it was written there that Satan had tried to kill Moses, we could understand that. But why in the world would God Himself want to kill the one man who was most essential for his purposes on earth? Because there was disobedience in Moses' own house. Moses had married a non-Israelite woman; and yielding to his wife's wishes, he had not circumcised his son. Moses' wife must have refused to permit that, and Moses, for the sake of peace at home, must have yielded to her wishes-especially since he was staying in her father's house. Moses' wife was the boss in the their home! But God can never permit such misplaced authority in the home of any of His servants. And so God told him, as it were, “Moses, you cannot lead Israel out of Egypt, if you cannot lead your own home first! The Bible says, “If a man know not how to rule his own house, how shall he take care of the church of God?” I have seen men who claim to be servants of God who are scared of their own wives. How can such men serve God?

This was a serious matter that God was telling Moses, “Even if you are the most important man for Me on earth, if you don't obey me, I will kill you. I cannot compromise my principles” Moses wife understood immediately why her husband was dying. So she took a sharp stone and cut off her son's foreskin and angrily said to Moses, “A bloody spouse art thou to me.” Moses did one wise thing after that.- he sent his wife home and carried on with what God had called him to do! He did not want any more problems with her being around him.

You see how God is strict with His servants? He will permit other people to compromise in many ways. But if you are one of His choice servants, He will require obedience from you in the smallest of matters.

He will look in areas of your life that He will not bother about with others. If you have borrowed 10 dollars or a book from someone and haven't yet returned it, if you are a choice servant of God, He will keep on troubling your conscience until you return it. He doesn't deal like that with everyone, but only with His special servants. Most Christians are compromiser's who live for themselves. God just leaves them alone. If you are a choice servant of God, He wont allow you to write even one false statement in a report about your work. He will not allow you to be unfaithful with even one dollar. Other believers may be unfaithful with millions, and God will ignore them. But not with you.

Do you want to be a choice servant of God? Do you want God to watch over you with such a jealous care? Then you must be willing to be rebuked by Him for small matters.

Such was the man who finally stood before Pharaoh. When you can stand before God with a clear conscience, you can stand even before the world's most powerful men. For what is Pharaoh in God's eyes, but a pile of dust with breath in his nostrils. God needs men like Moses who live before His face. Elijah told King Ahab, “I live before God's face” (I King 18:15). So he was not afraid of Ahab.

Do you want to be a servant of God like Moses and Elijah? Don't look at the Priest and Preachers of this world today. Look at the servants of God in the Scriptures. Look at the Saints that lived and died before the face of God. God is looking today for men who don't care for men's approval, who don't want any man's money, who don't seek for backing from earthly authority, but who want to be backed up by God alone. That's how Moses stood before Pharaoh. And God backed up Moses completely.

Listen to today's preachers. Can you say that most preachers of today are being back up by God, who have no anointing in their words but are wishy-washy compromiser's who seek to please men? Paul said, For do I now persuade men, or God? Or do I seek to please men? If I yet pleased men, I should not be the servant of Christ. (Galatians 1:10)

Don't ever seek to please man. Seek to please God. Let men treat you like dirt. The apostles were treated like garbage. Jesus was treated like garbage. But they lived before God's face alone, and God backed them up fully. That's the only way I want to serve God.

Moses stood before Pharaoh and God confirmed Mises word with plagues of blood , frogs, lice, insects, livestock-diseases, boils, hail, locusts, darkness and finally the death of the eldest boy in every house of the Egyptian magicians. But their magic tricks failed after a certain point. (7:11; 8:7, 18)

Religious people, who have a form of godliness without its power, have always opposed godly men in every age, just like Jannes and Jambres opposed Moses (2 Timothy 3:5, 8). The religious false prophets opposed Elijah and Jeremiah in their day. And the religious false prophets opposed John the Baptist and Jeus and Paul in their day.

Throughout church history, the majority of the clergy has always stood against the prophets who God has raised up in different lands.

It has always been the same story: God raises up people like Saint Francis, who was so misunderstood by others of the clergy. Or Saint Nicholas who other Bishops had confiscate his bishop's vestments and placed him in prison, when he stood up against the heretical views propounded by Arius, and so many others. God raised up a man to be His prophet. And many within the Church with their titles and their degrees will oppose him tooth and nail. But their attacks will not make him change his message on bit. Ultimately, after many long years, the prophet will be vindicated by God Himself, like Moses was.

If you want to be a man of God, don't ever seek to please those that have made the priesthood a professional religious establishment. Don't ever try to please those of the who do not know God.. The knowledge of God is the most important thing that we need. I will respect a man whose life and words demonstrate that He knows God, that he lives before God's face and that he understands God's ways.