“Blessed Are the Pure in Heart” (A Lesson For Women On Understanding How To Be Pure In One’s Personal Life And Also To Protect Moral Purity In The Lives Of Those We Love.)

“Blessed Are the Pure in Heart” (A Lesson For Women On Understanding How To Be Pure In One’s Personal Life And Also To Protect Moral Purity In The Lives Of Those We Love.)

As Eve’s eyes were opened in the garden, she soon knew she had led Adam into a new world of sorrow they had never known before. Through Mary, God brought hope to mankind beyond what we could have had any other way. Eve and Mary’s "daughters" have often discovered they have the same powers over men. They have the powers to bring refinement and culture into a man’s life to help him to a better way of life. They also have the power to lead men to the lowest degradation that is humanly imaginable.

A woman’s struggles are somewhat different from a man’s, but for man and woman, the answers are all found in Christ. Some women were taken advantage of in their youth and need to find Christ’s love and the healing and wholeness only He can bring. Some women have grown up with fear and learned how to manipulate men in order to control them or to get things that please their nature. These women will need to learn a new way of life by worshiping at Jesus’ feet and trusting Him to lead in their marriage. Some have selfishly chosen to follow their feelings and entered into romances that led outside the circle of righteousness. The audience that explicit romance novels is written for is almost exclusively female. These women need to find
Christ’s forgiveness and purity of thought and conduct.

As a rule, women are not as aggressive as men. They are not arrested nor incarcerated for crimes as often as men. However, their influence is real. It resonates through the homes, institutions of education, businesses and nations. We should not underestimate the good we can accomplish as we take our place in the calling God has given us within the walls of home.

The Bible gives directions in all the areas of our lives. It gives hope and direction to women in their temptations. It also teaches how the woman may leave a godly influence on the men she is called to relate to in her life. If a woman desires to bring the best out in her husband, let her pray for him and joyfully take her place so God can bring out the best in him.

"Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the LORD, she shall be praised" Proverbs 31:30

Our hearts cannot be divided. If we are looking for sensual gratification, we cannot see eternal realities. If we are looking for eternal realities, we must turn a blind eye toward sensual lusts.

Jesus’ direction is very simple. We cannot see the kingdom of God if we are looking at and focusing on some earthly gratification. While a woman might not feel the same
temptation for looking to lust, her desires for a man may still hinder her finding fulfillment in the kingdom of heaven. Being focused on her own fulfillment or imaginary romance, she forgets that she is called with a heavenly calling, that she is being called to Someone higher than herself. It is a simple truth that when we stop seeing God we stop serving Him. We may go through the motions for a while, but if our hearts are not in it, we won’t really accomplish anything for God. We must choose to be pure in heart in order to see and serve Christ’s kingdom.

God wants you to turn all your romantic dreams toward your husband and toward no one else.

God created woman with a desire to be in the arms of her husband. The reality often is disappointing. Her husband is not nearly so charming as she thought he might be. She liked that he was quiet when they were dating; it made her feel he was deep and thoughtful. But now she resents his quietness, “Why can’t he speak up and take care of situations?” Or she liked it that he was outgoing when they were courting. It helped to liven up her moods. But now? “Why does he have to talk so much!”

Self knows how to turn the common irritations or differences into wandering roving thoughts. Perhaps the wife finds life very humdrum within the four walls. Restless thoughts become daydream fantasies. She may wonder what life would have been like had she and some old boyfriend ever got together. Today there are increased ways to turn questions into inquests. An inquisitive mind may soon stray far from the safety of her husband’s heart and home. Once a spark is kindled and the fire is ignited, it often does not take much to rage out of control.

We may have developed strongholds in our thinking because of abuse or curiosity that will have to be cast down through Scriptural disciplines.

A child often feels helpless and at the mercy of those around him. A woman’s curse is to worry and feel fearful even when things are not out of control. If a woman was abused in her youth, she may face the obsession to control the world around her including her husband. She does not feel safe unless she is overseeing him.

Another temptation awakened by abuse is the feeling of power or seduction when she knows others are tempted by her physical beauty. This power can be used to attract the attention of men, and even lead them into evil deeds. This power is intoxicating.

A girl who was abused may take a different route. She may feel defiled and dirty. She may think she is ruined for life. If her future with the people of God is destroyed, why not run with those who will take her? If she centers her thoughts on these falsehoods, the joy of the Lord will be taken from her and her countenance will be troubled.

When a woman allows the past to control her, it will hijack the good she could have  had she bloomed in her relationship with Christ.

The thought patterns we choose in life develop into a way of life that determines our eternal destiny.

In 1Corinthians 13:11, Paul speaks of the transition of leaving the way of looking at life as a child when one becomes an adult. This is especially important for a woman in Christ. If she was abused as a child, a Christian woman needs to properly assess her blame. Even her curiosities were part of a childish mind. These deeds did not ruin her for life. Among those who were the most fervent in Christ’s ministry were those who
had a sinful past. Being forgiven, they could go forth and serve Him.

Having had the stain of sin in one’s past may be a vivid motivation to choose purity in relationships in the future. Choosing purity creates a good conscience, a clear mind, trust in relationships and love for all those God places in her life.

Woman’s created beauty has power over men for good or evil.

A woman comes to learn of the attraction her femininity creates in a normal
man. Her womanly beauty fosters masculine awareness in him.

This attractiveness is used by ungodly women to establish control over men as Delilah did to Samson. If she can seduce him to wicked deeds, she can learn the secrets of his heart and then take his strength from him.

The reverse is true. When a woman lays aside outward ornaments and dresses in a modest manner, all men are affected. In the home, church and community, men of every walk of life will admire not only her beauty, but also sense an attraction toward good when they observe her modest ways. Indeed, a woman ought to keep her weight and appearance in such a manner to testify of God’s glory in her life. Often times a godly woman may give a quiet word of testimony to the men who pass by her in life that opens eyes to the kingdom of God. In her life they see Christ who makes her beauty.

God asks Christian women to lay aside all the outward ornamentation that are used to attract attention to the physical and adorn themselves with the jewels of good works and sobriety.

A woman’s nature and the world of fashion both send the message to the heart of a
woman that adornments would make her more beautiful. Many women are deceived by this. They don’t want to be wicked, they just enjoy expressing their creativity! Some women may submit to the dictates of their husband or the Church but express this deception in their daughters.

God’s Word and godly men will agree. True beauty comes from a meek and quiet spirit and from the good works of a virtuous woman. Outward adornment only detracts from what God considers valuable. It also paralyzes a woman, for she will always see someone more attractive than herself and feel inferior. This creates a cycle of jealousy, envy and competition.

True feminine beauty may be seen in the smile of a godly woman.

When a woman is contented in Christ and His calling for her life, she will be happy. Even when others might wonder how her lot in life can be meaningful, she will find gratitude in what God has given her.

Joy will then shine out of the eyes, for eyes are windows to the soul. There will be a smile on her face because the countenance expresses the heart. This beauty of heavenly source transcends age and circumstance.

Marital intimacy is a part of God’s seal for the marriage bond.

At times a woman may struggle with the idea of giving herself to her husband. She may have memories and flashbacks of crisis events in her life, or she may simply not have the interest as she senses he does.

God’s Word is clear that the wife does not have power over her body. She is to offer herself to her husband for his pleasure and sincerely seek to bring fulfillment for him for the bonding it creates between them. While it is true that a man’s journey with his morals is his own choice, it is also true that his wife may do much to help him with his God given desire.

It should be noted that no woman can satisfy the lusts of a fantasy driven life. If a man feeds lust, he will have an ever increasing desire that cannot be legitimately fulfilled. He will simply have to do something sinful to get the thrill he feels he deserves. No godly woman can fulfill that desire.

There is godly protection given to the couple who prays together.

God wants to protect the godly home. When you have a need or desire, why not
take courage and ask your husband to pray with you about this need? Besides opening the windows of heaven for the blessing, you may open your husband’s heart just a bit more to understand you.

Take courage to share with your husband your journey with fear and sorrow. Don’t bottle up your emotions out of fear that he will make fun of you. Share what you struggle with. Many doubts and fears grow in the dark, but shrink when looked at and prayed about by the two of you. God wants to help you and bring the two of you ever closer together.

It is a fallen world, so all the daughters of Eve will suffer from the curse placed on womanhood. However, Christ has come, and in Him are found answers for inner needs of security and fulfillment for life and for eternity.