Matthew 27-28: The Great Commission

In Matthew 27:3 we see how even “repentance” can be hollow and insincere. Judas had some sort of repentance (feeling of sorrow for his sin), but instead of going to the Lord and confessing his sin to Him, he tried himself to deal with his sin and sorrow for what he had done.

In the first few verses of Chapter 8, we read of the resurrection of Christ. Without His resurrection, His death would have been in vain, for there would have been no proof that He was who He claimed to be-the Son of God. Christianity rests on this twin unshakable foundation-the death of Christ for our sins and His resurrection. This is what makes it different from all religions. Notice that Christ had left the grave before the angel rolled away the stone (verse 2). The angel rolled away the stone, not for the Lord to leave the grave, but for His disciples to go in and see that He had risen.

The Great Commission

In chapter 28:18-20, we read of the great commission that Jesus gave His disciples-and to us. The basis of the great commission is that all authority in heaven and earth has been given to our Lord. We should not go out to make disciples if we are not convinced that our Lord rules heaven and earth with absolute authority. We don't go to make disciples because there is a need somewhere or because someone urged us to go, but because Jesus Christ has all authority in heaven and earth and He commands us to go.

The great commission is very clear. First: Go. Then, make disciples, Then baptize them. Then, spend the rest of the time teaching them to obey everything Jesus commanded. This great commission is surrounded on either side by a statement and a promise. First, “All authority is given to the Lord Jesus.” And at the end, “I am with you always unto the end of the age.”

Many like to claim that promise of the Lord, “Lo, I am with you always.” But to whom was it given? It was given only to those who go and make disciples, and then teach them to obey ALL that Jesus commanded (28:19-20)-and not to believers who go here and there to make money. Such believers cannot claim that promise. But if you seek to make disciples everywhere you go, then you claim the promise that the Lord will be with you always.

Matthew 27-28: The Great Commission